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Helping you and your business to grow

Our Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy Services

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Business Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy

We offer executive/business coaching and mentoring to provide a safe space for executives and leaders to think out loud, crystallize their goals and take action to achieve real growth.  From troubleshooting challenges, including intricate people issues, to boosting your confidence, we are here to help you every step of the way. We also offer a consultancy service.

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HR Coaching, Mentoring
& Consultancy

If you are a standalone HR professional, it can be quite lonely and worrying when you don't have anyone to bounce challenges, difficult casework, ideas and solutions with.  We offer coaching/mentoring to be there for you when you need support. We also offer HR consultancy for those SMEs who are not big enough to have their own HR professional or who need extra help.

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Hospitality Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy

Our Hospitality Consultancy services are aimed at pubs, cafes, restaurants, local breweries and small hotels. We offer customized solutions to improve customer experience, increase revenue, and streamline operations. We also offer coaching and mentoring for senior managers to help you develop yourself and your business in what is often a tough sector to operate in.

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Life/Career Coaching

Imagine working in that new job you have always dreamed about. Or feeling super confident and in control of your life.  Or having a work-life balance which enables you to live life to full.  Whatever changes you are looking to make in your life, a Catalyst Life Coach can help you overcome barriers, including limiting beliefs, devise a plan and celebrate with you as you achieve milestones along the way.

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Which service best fits your needs?


When you need space and help to discover your own solutions - we can ask you the right questions
When you are learning something new - you ask questions so we help you learn


When you don't have the time or skills - we can do it for you.


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Liz King - Lead Executive Coach

At Catalyst I am genuinely passionate about helping individuals and their businesses flourish.  I understand the challenges of running a business, as I have personally overcome many of the difficulties you may be encountering.  Although it can sometimes be tough, small businesses are the backbone of the UK economy and I would feel privileged to help YOU on your journey to success.

After many years working in senior Human Resources and Learning and Development roles, I took the plunge and left a comfortable salary and established my own business as a NLP Master Coach specialising in Life and Career Coaching. Alongside my coaching business, I  co-founded a hospitality  business with my son. 

This experience taught me invaluable lessons about building businesses from scratch.  Hospitality in particular is a difficult sector and despite challenges such as the Novichok incident in Salisbury instantly killing our tourist trade and a hard but successful legal battle against a large pub-co, we emerged as a thriving, award winning company. There were times when I thought we weren't going to make it, when I wondered whether I would have enough money to pay my staff, let alone myself.  However, these experiences taught me valuable lessons and provided me with profound personal growth.

After a fulfilling seven-year journey, I returned to employment in HR Management,  However, my heart remained devoted to coaching and mentoring, and driven by a desire to help others avoid making the mistakes I made, I decided to diversify my career.   My passion is to help individuals and businesses grow, and so Catalyst was born.

I have 30 years’ experience in Learning and Development and Human Resources leadership and this experience means I bring a wealth of knowledge to my work. I am a Fellow Member of the CIPD and have a BSc in Psychology. A trained NLP Master Practitioner I also qualified as a Psychometrician meaning I can bring a deep understanding of human behaviour and effective coaching and mentoring techniques.  I also have a masters equivalent in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. 

I have a great group of coaches/mentors and consultants who I work with, so we can match you with the right person to help you.

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Liz is my go-to for help with my busy hospitality business and through her coaching I have grown my business and dealt with tricky staff issues.  I feel reassured, knowing I can call on her expertise whenever I need it, freeing me up to spend time with my family instead of worrying over HR  problems.
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Business Owner

Daniel - Wiltshire Inns

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