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The Benefits of Business Awards - Reflections of a Reluctant Landlady

Updated: Apr 17

A year after embarking on our hospitality management journey, we ventured into the realm of local business awards with our first pub, fondly referred to as the "mothership". Our motivation was clear: we believed that the recognition from winning could bring multifaceted benefits. Here's why:

-        Winning an award can be external validation that our hard work is paying off.  This is especially true in the hospitality sector, where competition is fierce, and success is difficult with spiralling costs, unpredictable market trends and profit difficult to come by.

-        Business awards recognise the had work and dedication that team puts into the success of the business. This recognition can serve as a real motivational boost for employees, encouraging them to maintain high standards and strive for continuous improvement.

-        Awards also play a crucial role in enhancing a business's reputation. Winning awards lends credibility and prestige, setting the business apart from competitors. This enhanced reputation can attract new customers, retain existing ones, and open doors to new opportunities and partnerships.

-        Winning an award would not only boost morale but also attracts media attention, increasing visibility in a crowded market.


-        It’s also great news for our customers.  Not only does it reassure them that the pub is well run, innovative and in a safe pair of hands, but it also awards their loyalty, and they can feel proud being associated with an award-winning venue.


Entering the "mothership" into the local business awards was our initial foray, and although we didn't clinch the New Business category, being finalists was a cause for celebration. We seized the moment to host a dinner party with our local supporters and customers, a gesture of appreciation and unity.

The journey didn't stop there. We were soon accredited with a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, a testament to the positive feedback from our valued guests, and a 5 Star Hygiene rating from an unannounced environmental health visit—both accolades underscoring our commitment to excellence.

But our key success came a couple of years later when we entered our second pub into the Best Turnaround Category of the Great British Pub Awards and won the regional award.  This led to lots of publicity, a very boozy awards ceremony, a great excuse to throw a party and an eye-catching logo to use in our publicity.

If you haven’t entered your business into local or national awards, my advice to you is to give it a go!  You never know and the enduring impact of such recognition far outweighs the transient effects of any post-celebration hangover!

A picture of Liz and her son with a senior manager from EI Group, Matt Whiting.  They are looking a little bit worse for wear.

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