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Hospitality Coaching, Mentoring
& Consultancy

Coffee Shop Owner
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Envisage having more time to focus on your hospitality business rather than being consumed by it. Picture effective teams managing shifts, delighting customers, and consistently upselling for maximum profits. Or having a friendly face helping with delicate rent negotiations with a forceful landlord. Or a fresh pair of eyes reviewing your marketing, events, online presence, and environment, guiding changes to achieve growth and a larger customer base.

The hospitality sector poses unique challenges, with factors like unusual seasonality, rising utility costs, increased rents and a transient workforce, all of which can swiftly erode profits. A mentor/coach provides invaluable assistance when navigating challenges or seeking a safe space to ponder options and determine the best course of action. 

Liz, our Lead Coach, understands these pressures firsthand. In 2012, she transformed a failed coaching inn into a profitable venue.  Her business quickly grew as she took on three more failed sites and set up an outside bar and catering function.  She won the regional Best Turn Around category in the Great British Pub Awards two years running.  Her success happened despite facing numerous hurdles and missed opportunities. She regrets not having a mentor herself at that time to take away some of the stress and provide constructive challenge and feedback. Her experiences have led to hospitality being a key strand in the services which Catalyst provides.


We also provide a consultancy service, conducting a thorough business review and delivering a detailed report with actionable recommendations to boost profits and foster growth. We will work with you to produce a clear strategy for moving forwards.

Ready to overcome challenges and elevate your hospitality business?  Why not get in touch  to explore how our services can benefit your growth.

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